Family Owned Since 1990

Randy has taken vacation from his yearly job to offer Southwest Missouri the best fireworks  for over 25 years.

Randy’s experience in fireworks provides Southwest Missouri with a  great resource in firework knowledge and safety.  Randy and his family are very passionate in helping you get the best fireworks for your money.  R&R Fireworks spends many hours handpicking only the best fireworks available at one convenient location.

We are the best because we buy only the best from multiple vendors. If you buy 3-5 out of 50 items from 5 vendors then you have the 15 very best items. That is what you get only when you shop at R&R Fireworks. Not every vendor has the best item at the best price available on the market. If you work hard, do your homework and have the ability to buy from multiple vendors you can and that is our strategy and why Springfield has supported us for 30 plus years now.

New Items to 2020

We have many new items this year. Please use our site to watch videos, see descriptions, and enjoy seeing all the new fireworks that wouldn’t be allowed previously.

We offer fireworks to people in Springfield MO, Republic MO, Willard Mo, Ozark MO, Nixa Mo, and many other surrounding areas of Southwest Missouri. We have customers from Northern Arkansas come often because the prices are reasonable and we have so many brands of fireworks to pick from.

More Brands

It is no secret R&R Fireworks carries more brands than any tent in Southwest Missouri. We carry items from Black Cat Fireworks, Showtime Fireworks, Brothers Pyrotechnics, Winda, Red Rhino Fireworks, World Class Fireworks, Texas Outlaw, Sky Bacon, Spirit 76 Fireworks, Shogun, Hog Wild, and many many more. For people searching for the best fireworks store near me… you have found it with R&R Fireworks.

This strategy of so many brands gives us the advantage to offer great quality fireworks. This strategy also gives us a chance to get your great products at unmatched prices. We can not stress enough that you do not buy fireworks anywhere else without visiting R&R Fireworks first.

If you would like to know what a case of fireworks cost feel free to text or call 417-830-1459. I can also accept e-mails at arichardson7904@gmail.com.

This year it has never been more important than ever to buy your fireworks before July 1st. The 4th is on a Saturday this year and we are expecting a larger amount of volume than normal. If you would like to know if we still have an item available please call 417-830-1459. We are working hard this year to handle the overflow of customers with the holiday being on a Saturday but please be patient with us.