Gorilla Warfare


Gorilla Warfare is hands down one of our best selling 500 gram cakes, and one of the brightest, most sought after cakes in the Fireworks industry. Gorilla Warfare shoots off thirty shots of Blue mines, Red Dahlia and White glitter. Each shot from this cake travels approximately 150 – 200 feet in the air and breaks 100 – 150 feet wide. Every shot of this thrilling cake has amazingly vivid and bright colors, and perfect timing to keep your audience on their toes, and making this cake compliment any other cake its shot with. The timing of Gorilla Warfare is a great way for your Fireworks Display Coordinator ( Dad ) to time out a fantastic Multiple Cake Firework Finale. We recommend shooting Gorilla Warfare with Extreme Machine, Fighting Rooster, or One Bad Mother. These cakes compliment each other and combine to create a Finale Display that is sure to surprise and awe any audience. Perfect for: Fourth of July Displays, Wedding Fireworks Displays, New Years Eve Fireworks Displays, Fireworks Celebration Displays. Jake’s Fireworks is the leading distributor of wholesale and retail fireworks in the United States. We provide a variety of services for wholesale customers including standard distribution of World Class Fireworks, private label orders, and bulk container orders. With distribution centers across the U.S. in nine states, be assured we can fulfill any wholesale fireworks order. http://www.jakesfireworks.com As a true innovator in the consumer fireworks realm, Jake’s Fireworks leads the industry in product development. With cutting edge products like our Excalibur artillery shell kit, our ever-expanding line of 500 gram cakes, as well as affordable 200 gram options, Jake’s provides customers with the best fireworks in the business. With over 250 retail fireworks locations in six states, Jake’s is rapidly expanding to serve the pyrotechnic needs of the general public. Since we cover so much territory, we offer tremendous fundraising opportunities running our retail fireworks locations for individuals and organizations during our peak retail seasons. • 500 gram cake • Fireworks Finale • Fireworks Display • Wedding Fireworks • New Years Eve Fireworks



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